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Lizzie and Tom’s Wasing Park Wedding

You know you are going to have an absolute ball with a couple, when in your first meeting the words ‘there may be an element of dinosaur throughout the day’ are uttered and you just happen to be wearing your Tatty Devine Dinosaur necklace.

Lizzie and Tom were to tie the knot at the ever beautiful Wasing Park. A gorgeous venue where you know your bride and groom can really stamp their personalities into the space. Every time we come to do our flower thing, its completely different from ombre,to, well … dinosaurs!

I love every part of the wedding planning with our couples, but the first meetings are always such a joy. I love hearing the little details, the brides (and grooms) having a total brain dump of ideas, and getting excited about all the floral possibilities. From that moment I can’t wait to start making the flowers. I had to wait almost a whole year to get my hands on the flowers for Lizzie and Tom’s big day and I’m proud to say there wasn’t a rose in sight. The brief was seasonal blooms following purples and a plummy aubergine tone. We added in a soft blush to give some softness between the purple and white which always seems a little stark otherwise.

Lizzie’s bouquet was an absolute corker. Several times during the making process I may have wanted to run off into the sunset and renew my vows. I wanted to keep this beauty all to myself! Filled with some of my favourites including scented waxflower, marshmallow ranunculus, jasmine, ferns, eucalyptus, heather, lisianthus … the list goes on!

The maids held a miniature version, again those gorgeous ranunculus took centre stage providing the perfect contrast to their aubergine dresses.

The flower girls held the most miniature posy of ranunculus and waxflower tied with an ivory satin ribbon.

Thank you Lizzie and Tom for letting us be part of your awesome day. Who doesn’t want to be part of a wedding where the bridal march is out and the Jurassic Park theme tune is in!



Some little thoughts

Oh Here Cometh the Spring!

Well we may have told a small fib – Spring isn’t quite on its way, but we’re doing our best to jolly things up a little in the shop with tons of spring bulbs. If you’re after your Spring hit, well we may just be the place to poke your nose in and have a look around.

January is a funny old month. All the decorations are down, the house is looking bare. For some that’s the joy of January, a fresh start, but secretly I’m yearning for the glitz and glamour of all the twinkle lights and beautiful jewel toned decorations (or maybe a toned down version of the mentioned anyway)

This yearning for decoration inevitably ends up with an influx of bulbs, all shapes and sizes, all colours, and our mantlepieces and windowsills at home and in the shop are suddenly filled to the brim with the hope and expectation of Spring.

How can one fail to love bulbs. They are completely magical, that one small bulbous thing, holding the power to create such beauty and scent. And self sufficient too, all the nutrients required hauled up in the shell, until they are required.

There is nothing quite like breathing in the scent of narcissi when the Winter still seems long, and the threat of snow is still present. In fact I would go as far to say it is quite heavenly!

Go forth and fill your home with narcissi, don’t try to resist the powers of new beginnings and the magic that comes along with them!

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Happy New Year

What a year! Without all of you this wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We have wonderful customers, amazing brides, the most fantastic team of dedicated florists, delivery drivers, accountants … everyone you don’t see who makes things tick behind the scenes. There are also wonderfully supportive parents, husbands, children, extended family members who make it possible for Green Parlour to exist.

Without all of you, Green Parlour would still be my dream. I can’t tell you how thankful I am each day.

Our amazing year kicked off with a bang, straight into an early wedding season  and what a wedding season we’ve had. We met some totally amazing couples this year and 2014 was the year I decided to join them. Take a look at some of our favourites here:

I’m already excited about meeting all our 2015 couples and hearing their plans for the big day. I love talking flowers … dresses … the whole wedding kaboodal! There is seriously little better in life than delivering a bride her bouquet on her wedding day.

2014 was also filled with flower schools galore and saw the launch of our new flower school forum which we will be busy filling with lots of DIY tips over the coming months. Our 2015 courses are already filling fast with new students keen to get their hand’s dirty creating gorgeous arrangements from hand-ties through to vase arrangements. We’ve got an ambitious timetable planned for 2015 with some new courses designed to challenge and inspire. Take a look at our course list here:

We’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing features and achievements over the past year including becoming a regional finalist for best wedding florist in London and the South East. Many magazine features have ensued including a wonderful collaboration with Ruby and Stardust, The Wild Fork and Choccwoccydoodah to name just a few.

There are too many other exciting things, but you can bet your bottom dollar, we’re all ready to go in 2015 with as much floral inspiration as you can handle.

Happy New Year to you all

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Christmas is Coming …

Its all go in the Parlour this week with a total flurry of Christmas activity. It is my favourite time of year. Huge installations, giant wreaths, gorgeous winter plants and a whole host of beautiful foliage to adorn wreath after wreath.

One of our favourite numbers leaving the shop this week is this huge gypsophilia wreath .Its completely brimming with the stuff. I think we may sneak to the owners house and take a photo of this beauty in its new home (the owner has a rather fabulous front door) I can help but think how beautiful these would look hanging from a barn door for a winter wedding.

We have also been table centre a go go, with our regular clients installing their Christmas decorations in hotels and restaurants. These cheeky little numbers are perfect for a table, and with such a long life, they will last from now until the big C-Day.

In the meantime Mariah is joining us for general cheery Christmas spirit and japes.


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Winter Weddings and Favourite Flowers

On Saturday we finished our last wedding of the year and boy oh boy did we go out with a bang. Gemma and Ben tied the knot at the gorgeous Herons Barn in Pangbourne and we were there in true Green Parlour style to floral up the affair.

I love every wedding we do for lots of different floral reasons from muscari in March, peonies in June to English roses in August. November is not skimping on the floral front either, you are spoilt for choice with some of my all time favourite flowers. November weddings should be filled with blousy marshmallow ranunculus, the emergence of anemones and the textures from the amazing foliage that is around in abundance at this time of year.
Gemma’s bouquet was filled with all sorts of goodies, from textures of succulent, berried viburnum, scabiosa seed pod heads, Mentha roses, anemones, ranunculus berried eucalytpus …. the list goes on!

Dressed in rich champagne gold the ‘Maids held a miniature version of Gemma’s bouquet with Mentha roses, eryngium, lisianthus and foliage textures. Pretty ‘Maids all in a row.

So weddings, until next year. We’ve had a ball and some very happy brides and grooms. We’re busy talking to lots of 2015 couples and I can tell you we’ve got some great things tucked up our sleeves. We can’t wait to show you all the snaps.

Botanical SOS

Botanical SOS- Cyclamen

With winter drawing close its the season of the cyclamen. Today’s Botanical Bible will tell you the need-to-know information for caring for this winter beauty.

Cyclamen really are the most beautiful addition to your internal winter planting scheme. A plant with gorgeous foliage as well as flowers and a plant, that if cared for, will adorn your house for many many months.

The belle of the ball – The Cyclamen

How many plants can boast interesting foliage and beautiful flowers and be forgiving on your hit and miss plant care routine. Her name is cyclamen and I guarantee she will steal your heart …

1. Every house has a colder room, that’s maybe a bit drafty. Whist other plants may shrivel and die been placed in such conditions, this is the perfect space for our winter belle. Keep the temperature around 13c and she will be one happy lady. Our kitchen is often found housing a multitude of winter cyclamen, but be aware of chilly nights and  bring them into the room for protection.

2. These beauties hate to sit in water, and worse than that they absolutely loath been watered from the top. Stand your cyclamen in a pot of water an inch or so deep overnight and then let them drain. You want the compost to dry out a touch before repeating the process. Fear not, if you’ve neglected your cyclamen, all will (generally) be forgiven, just get back in your watering groove.

3. Cyclamen love a light location, but if its too sunny, the plant starts to believe its time for a rest and will start to shut down believing its summer. My kitchen window seems to be the perfect combination of cool but a light location.

4. Make the most of your cyclamen, I bring mine onto our dining room table when unexpected guests arrive. Instant floral decoration at a moments notice!

5. There are some great tips on getting cyclamen to re-flower year after year. You want to encourage the plant into a dormant state during the summer months, with little water in a light location. The pot will almost appear void of life. When bringing the cyclamen back inside, begin your normal watering routine and eventually growth will re-appear.

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The Weather Be a Changing?

Is it finally winter yet? A balmy 22degree October, November are you listening? I’m ready for sub zero!

There is nothing like a cold snap to get you into the festive preparation mood. This week we are all about Christmas … in tee shirts, not the usual thermal wooly tights.

Whilst most people are wallowing about the evenings drawing in, the dark afternoons, I love the excitement that autumn and winter bring. The Christmas decorations are slowly but surely filtering in, and I have to say it is totally my favourite time of the year. I love the dark nights, when all the shops are lit like magical fairytale sweet shops, filled with exciting gifts. All the cards that are lovingly written and equally lovingly displayed. Time to gather thoughts, new ideas.

Door wreaths



The scent of cinnamon

We are busy planning exciting projects for 2015 and we can’t wait to share them with you. We have a new flower school season, styled shoots and tons of wedding gorgeousness. With our penultimate wedding of the year just around the corner, its lovely to take stock, to think about all the beautiful weddings we’ve floraled up over 2014 and consider all the possibilities that 2015 will bring.

But for now we have wreaths to make … and lots of them!


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Its Awards Season

As the winter draws ever closer, its not just the time for film and television royalty to celebrate their award season, us weding industry professionals also get a look in.

We’re so delighted to be  announced as  regional finalists for Best Wedding Florist for London and the South East, as awarded by the Wedding Industry Awards.

I won’t rattle into my speech now, but it is a total delight to be recognised by an industry body doing something you love. I must also say a huge thanks to all our couples, firstly for letting us create the flowers for your wedding and also for voting for us. It truly means the world!

So keep everything crossed for us on Tuesday 25th November, when the regional winner will be announced. Whatever happens, we will be raising a glass. Chin chin!