Flower Bouquets Delivered to Reading, Berkshire by Green Parlour Florist
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Wedding Flowers in Berkshire by Green Parlour
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Flower Schools, Pangbourne, Reading, Berkshire with Green Parlour
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Corporate Flowers delivered to Reading, Berkshire by Green Parlour
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Wedding Flowers for Men - Buttonhole Recipe's for Winter

  Every man should wear flowers … and not just on his wedding day. I’m such a firm believe in this – a little nod to the seasons pinned onto ones jacket certainly gives the wearer such an air of distinction it would be a shame to limit this effect just to your wedding day.   And boys, guess what – you don’t have to wear a single rose with a teeny tiny leaf … no! The modern man dons a tiny collection of fleurs fully embracing the season. Here to inspire (as always) are 3 of our winter buttonhole […]

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10 Fun Facts about Our Head Florist Emma

A huge hello to all our new readers and followers! To celebrate you joining our flowery crew I thought a little introduction about myself might be in order.   No one wants to read a huge blow-by-blow account of how much I adore flowers (heck you probably already guessed that they are the greatest thing on the planet!) Instead this is 10 fun facts about me. A chance for your to get behind the florist, so to speak!   Now I must hold my hands up here and completely admit that I'm also indebted to Karen over at Smashing The […]

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Christmas is Coming ...

Its been such a fantastically crazy week at the Parlour - Christmas is well under way, the dried fruits are out, the pine cones have been gathered (and scattered in various boxes) and we're busy designing wreaths and table centres to adorn many a Berkshire table over the festive period. I have to say this time of year really catches my attention, the colours are amazing, the excitement as Christmas approaches and I know its not everyone's favourite, but I love the change in weather (especially when the sky is that amazing crisp blue that you only get in autumn) […]

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Learning to Say No

The past few weeks and months have been a total roller-coaster of emotion. There have been tears of overwhealming joy and moments of self-doubt. Its kind of given that running a business isn't all sweet smelling roses, there are a few rotten apples you have to deal with along the path. The hardest thing to do as a superwoman business owner to take time and step away from everything to take stock of these extreme emotions. Your in this crazy to do list mode that never gets any smaller and then suddenly a year goes by in the blink of […]

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A Beautiful Vintage Rose Wedding

The weeks just seem to keep rolling by, each one is filled with some of the most beautiful blooms to date - I'm fickle, each week brings a new favourite bouquet or a new floral crush. With only 2 weddings booked in for this weekend, we've also had a moment to catch our breath and write list upon list for the coming weeks floral extravaganzas. First up were Kelly and Dan, such an amazing chilled out couple. They chose to tie the knot at Herons Barn, which was such a great match to their personalities. Their whole day was about […]

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Vintage Rose Bridal Bouquet a Little Roundup

This week has been jam packed in the Parlour, with a total of 6 weddings leaving our doors over 3 days. I adored all the bouquets, but I have to say Laura's vintage rose wedding bouquet totally stole my heart. With the carte blanche brief of something of a grown-up but vintage nature, we blended rose after rose after rose to create her bouquet. Laura married her boy Phil on Sunday at the Swan in Streatley and thank goodness the sun shone for there ceremony was taking place on the beautiful barge they have registered for weddings. Every bridal bouquet […]

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