upper secret roses

I’m fickle, flitting from one love of the season to the next. But there is something about autumn – crisp air, moody colours and the richness of berries. It really is food for the soul. As soon as September hits I’m ready. I want the wooly jumpers, the log fires and a house full of rich colourful flowers

If I were to marry again I’d have to book an autumn wedding – the textures and colours are just so phenomenal and always blow me away. Its not about the flouncy rose in October – its all about a whole host of foliages, seed heads and rich jewel like colour. I’d carry a bouquet filled with snowberry and rosehips and the last few snips of my scented geranium leaves. It would be sublime and smelly (in a fantastically earthy way) So here’s to the changing season and to a peep at what we have arriving in the shop

hydrangea wedding flowersWhen you just can’t help but swoon over a flower. The hydrangeas have me every time – the colours, the shape and most importantly the utter size of the heads. If there was ever a flower that I’d have to pick as a favorite, this my floral friends would be it!

snpwberry wedding flowers

All the berries and hips. If you’re coming over all autumnal, a vase full of these will completely lift your spirits. I’ve just taken home a wrap of these to sit on my newly painted dining table. No flowers … just berries, and its utterly perfect

white heather plants

tropical protea wedding flowers

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