In moments of grief, let us be your steady hand, delivering sympathy flowers that express love and remembrance of a soul.
In moments of loss, find solace in the artistry of our sympathy flowers. Each arrangement is crafted with heartfelt compassion, ensuring a meaningful tribute to your loved ones. Drawing on years of experience in floristry and a deep understanding of the emotional nuances, we stand by your side to guide you through this delicate process.

Our commitment to bespoke floristry extends beyond celebrations to offering solace during times of sorrow. Whether you seek comfort in subtle elegance or vibrant remembrance, our creations are as unique as the cherished memories they honor.

Having worked with compassion and care in the floral industry, our reach extends across Berkshire and the UK. From intimate farewells to larger gatherings, we are here to provide flowers that speak volumes when words fall short

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Sympathy Flowers

If you are looking for bespoke sympathy flowers that are tailored to your memories, please do get in touch
"In moments of loss, I firmly believe that funerals should reflect the unique essence of a life lived. In an era where imagery surrounds us, funeral floristry holds the power to be a deeply personal and poignant expression. I am dedicated to ensuring that this expression is not just inspiration but a manifestation of your loved one's individuality and journey.
In times of grief, let flowers be a language of love, speaking volumes of the cherished memories and the legacy left behind. Together, we create a floral tribute that resonates with the profound beauty of a life well-remembered."
Emma, founder Green Parlour

Sympathy Flowers


I recommend placing orders as far in advance as possible to provide ample time for us to collaboratively plan the floral arrangements. While I can often accommodate last-minute requests, it's crucial to emphasize that sympathy flowers hold a special significance. Being some of the most important flowers you'll ever order, allowing sufficient planning time ensures meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing that the flowers are a perfect tribute
There's no definitive right or wrong choice. I take a personalised approach, exploring meaningful flowers that held significance in the life of the deceased. Whether it's incorporating homegrown foliage or a flower reminiscent of a wedding bouquet, funeral flowers ought to be more than just standard; they should be deeply personal. I encourage you to reflect on flowers that evoke memories of the person you've lost

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“Emma (and Green Parlour) stood out from her competitors – friendly, enthusiastic, professional, talented and with a portfolio to back that up. It was an easy choice and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

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Sympathy Flowers

If you are looking for bespoke sympathy flowers that are tailored to your memories, please do get in touch

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