DIY Flower Bouquet Tutorial

DIY flower bouquet tutorial


Learn how to make a gorgeous country fleurs for your wedding with this super easy DIY flower bouquet tutorial

Every bride should have a gorgeous posy of flowers to walk down the aisle with and this tutorial will teach you exactly what you need to know to DIY your own bridal bouquet. This bouquet will take around 60 minutes to make and can be made the day before your wedding - just keep it somewhere cool in lots of cold water. All you’ll have to do on the morning of your wedding is attach the ribbons, and your bouquet will be ready to go.

What you need


  • A sharp pair of scissors
  • Twine or greens string
  • A whole selection of ribbon

Lots of foliage from your garden – we’ve used herbs, eucalyptus, weeping  pear, spirea and heuchera

For your flowers you want to think about shape. Having a mixture of round and spikey flowers gives your hand-tied a gorgeous rustic bouquet.

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We’ve used 3 stems of lilac, 8 Memory Lane roses, a bunch of muscari, 10 stems of wallflowers, aquilegia, 8 bluebells, 1 bunch of nigella and 10 stems of narcissi.


DIY flower bouquet tutorial

Step one

I always start my hand-tied bouquets with my foliage; it’s the base of your arrangement and will hold all your beautiful flowers in place. Loosely grab a small handful of foliage into your non-writing hand. Have a think about the height of the foliage; this will be the final height of your bouquet. My bouquets around normally around 20cm high.


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Step two

Start adding some flowers. I normally start with something a little bit bulky because it starts to hold everything together. I’ve started with lilac and I place 3 stems around the edge of the bouquet. It’s completely natural to try to grab your flowers and hold on for dear life, but for the best shape you want to try to have a nice relaxed hand.


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Step three

Start adding some flowers into the middle of your bouquet. I’ve used wallflowers and a few stems of spirea. Your bouquet won’t feel or look like a bridal bouquet, but persist, I promise it will come together in the end.


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Step four

You want to start filling in any gaps now and adding in your main flowers. I started with the narcissi and bluebells and then finally adding in the roses at the end. Grab a mirror at this point and strike a pose or two. Take some time to look at your bouquet from lots of different angles and gently pull flowers up and push them down to get your desired shape. I love a loose domed bouquet with lots of foliage trails.


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Step five

Cut your stems, and don’t be afraid to cut them quite short. I normally trim my bouquets to around 10cm, anything longer can get caught on bridal dresses and it also adds extra weight to the bouquet.


DIY wedding flowers tutorial

Step six

By now your hand may be feeling a little tired! You’ll be glad to know this is the step where we tie off our bouquet with twine or string. I lay it slightly in my hand and wrap twine or string around 3-4 times, getting tighter each time. Lay on a table to secure with a double knot and trim any ends.


DIY wedding bouquet tutorial

Step seven

This is where you can adorn your bouquet with glorious ribbon trails. I’d recommend at least 2 meters per ribbon, if you want a real statement go longer! Don’t be afraid to have each trail at slightly different lengths, is just adds to the movement of the bouquet. We’ve opted for a brushed copper, thin metallic and soft blush satin ribbon. Fold the lengths in half and bend a wire around them. Simply thread into your tie point of your bouquet and tie another satin ribbon over the top to give you a lovely handle to hold as you show off your DIY bouquet.

VOILA! A super country garden wedding bouquet ready for you to waltz down the aisle

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Photos by Benjamin Stuart Photography

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