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When your faced with choosing flowers for a loved ones funeral its so difficult to know where to start. A lot of undertakers have an in house florist with some set designs that you can choose from, this can make life a lot easier, especially when there is so much to organise, but what if you don't want to organise a standard arrangement - you want something a little bit more personal.

For me funeral flowers are one of the most important flowers you will have to choose. They have to reflect someones lifetime ... their loves, dislikes, their passions and their hobbies. How do you transport all of this into flowers? We believe in finding out about your loved one. Its not just a case of picking an image from a catalogue - our florists want to know about their wishes, and yours. We want to make sure every item we make is completely bespoke.

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I personally adore wreaths for funerals. I understand they are not everyone's cup of tea, but the circle is so symbolic of the circle of life. These are often ordered by close family or friends, with a handwritten card nestled between the flowers with your thoughts noted down. You can of course have many different styles of wreath, but these loose country arrangements are a fitting tribute to someone who loved their garden.


funeral flowers tilehurst florist

Often if people don't want to have a wreath, but like the circular shape a posy pad is a fantastic alternative. This lovely circular dome of seasonal flowers look wonderful placed onto a casket, for a loose country garden feel to the arrangements. I adore this colour way too, with the pinks, purples and whites.

So how do you choose what flowers to have? We often take inspiration from the season, a persons favourite flowers or perhaps their pastimes. Sometimes having flowers from ones wedding bouquet it a poignant reminder and can look so wonderfully beautiful yet nostalgic at the same time.

We understand that organising flowers for a funeral can be an emotional time. We take the time to understand your plans for the day, helping you to create personal flowers for you and your family. We are busy uploading our new sympathy flower collection to our website. If you decide to order online, we will call you to discuss all of your requirements from colours, flowers to personal messages. Alternatively please call our team to discuss your requirements on 0118 984 4000


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