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The frost is in the air and as long as there are blue skies I'm happy. I sit and write this whilst trying to cajole the little guy to bed. My efforts, are however, wasted, and secretly I'm quite happy sitting by the fire just that little longer.

January. The month of fresh starts, resolutions, hunkering down and comfort food. On tonight's menu, pie - not the homemade version because today I've been flouncing around doing my flowery thing. January gets a bad rep for flowers, but I have to admit its one of my favourite times. The clear down after the decorations have gone leads to endless places to decorate with Spring bulbs and flowers. Little jars scattered on windowsills where once a garland or two sat. All those deep, rich colours swapped for fresh whites, a scattering of powder blue and pink.

The shop has been filled, re-stocked (just like my energy levels after our Christmas break) and is now a homage to spring. Ranunculus grace the flower stand, along with scented lilac, spring hyacinths and blush spray roses. Really you should come in for a sniff.

I'm busy behind the scenes, there's a lot on the cards which is all very exciting and all will be unveiled in due course.

Hello! I’m Emma – the floral obsessed boss behind the blooms at Green Parlour. I’m a house plant obsessed wife and mother of 2, who has big dreams of creating a crafty homespun life. I love sewing, planting seeds and doing pretty much anything creative.
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