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3 things you can do to support a small business during COVID-19

  I have been so lucky to receive some wonderful messages of love and support from our community offering support during COVID-19.Many have offered words of encouragement and other customers have messages me asking if we are delivering because they specifically want to give business to a small indie company. Also consider if you have any technical abilities you could share with a local business that may need your help - marketing/blog writing/graphics are some of the ones that come to mind! All of these are great ways to show your favourite SME you care, but there are some other […]

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5 crafts for idle hands

    These past few weeks have been, and continue to be the biggest life roller coaster any of us have known. Sure there have been times of anxiety, times of bewilderment, disbelief and tears, but there have also been times of positivity, of time to stop the hectic 24/7 roundabout we've all been on for such a  long while. I'd like to add at this point that I personally have struggled a lot with the change in routine, but I'm ever determined to find some positives and for me that comes in the form of rediscovering long forgotten crafts […]

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A Tour of Columbia Road Flower Market

A two minute tour of Columbia Road Flower Market Believe me when I say I could have easily spent the whole of Sunday filming and snapping the toing and froing of London's second most famous flower market. I'm used to heading off in the small wee hours to Covent Garden Flower Market, but haven't ventured up on a Sunday jaunt to Columbia Road Flower Market for some time. Its not that I haven't wanted to, its just time runs away! For me Columbia Road has a lot more soul than Covent Garden, and although its not geared up towards florists, […]

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DIY Spring Flower Tutorial

    Something I noticed since we filmed our very first flower tutorial for YouTube was just how much I say 'so' Its funny how been put in-front of a camera and having to sit there and edit it makes you pick up on all those little quirks. Anyway, that's very much by the by ... we've been wanting to do some online flower tutorials for a while, and this is our very first proper attempt. we are learning as we go along, so please bare with bare with! In our first DIY flower tutorial we're teaching you how to […]

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February - Journal

  Spring flowers (well almost) Today is the first day I've really walked outside and thought 'SPRING!' There's a warmth in the air and that feeling that the days are once again getting longer. Today the shop feels like a euphony of spring with the most wonderful of scents and colours, so much so that I couldn't help but down tools and take some snaps of what we've got going on. The anemones are totally stealing my heart at the moment, the brighter the better! The power of colour at this time of year is crucial - I think it […]

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Flower Club - What Flowers Do You Sell

Whether you go to market or buy your flowers online, how on earth do you decide what flowers you want to sell. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of varieties available and tons of different colours. Some florists go for the scatter gun approach - a little bit of this and a little bit of that until they have every colour under the rainbow in their arms or virtual trolley. Sure this is the way you can work, and indeed this is the way loads of florists shops around the country have run for decades, but we like to think […]

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Welcome to Our Club

  Sometimes after a really busy, stressful time you need a few weeks to fully relax, take stock of everything and evaluate where you want to go in life. With Valentines and Mothering Sunday well out of the way, and our new approach to weddings giving us more time to be creative and bespoke with our work, it also means we get to share all that gorgeousness with you. I've been thinking about what we want our blog to achieve, not just the whole get more comments, have more likes mentality, but more the 'what does this blog represent' mentality. […]

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10 Fun Facts about Our Head Florist Emma

A huge hello to all our new readers and followers! To celebrate you joining our flowery crew I thought a little introduction about myself might be in order.   No one wants to read a huge blow-by-blow account of how much I adore flowers (heck you probably already guessed that they are the greatest thing on the planet!) Instead this is 10 fun facts about me. A chance for your to get behind the florist, so to speak!   Now I must hold my hands up here and completely admit that I'm also indebted to Karen over at Smashing The […]

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Learning to Say No

The past few weeks and months have been a total roller-coaster of emotion. There have been tears of overwhealming joy and moments of self-doubt. Its kind of given that running a business isn't all sweet smelling roses, there are a few rotten apples you have to deal with along the path. The hardest thing to do as a superwoman business owner to take time and step away from everything to take stock of these extreme emotions. Your in this crazy to do list mode that never gets any smaller and then suddenly a year goes by in the blink of […]

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A Confession - I Dislike Pinterest!

Wow, already I feel better just writing the title of this post. Perhaps saying I dislike the whole of Pinterest is a little steep, there are some really great things about it, but equally there are some things I really hate. I figure the great things plus the hating overall balance out to a dislike.   Been in the wedding business, I should probably be raving about this crazy online pin board system. Its like a whole load of inspiration without having to buy a load of wedding magazines which publish the same stuff month after month. You've always got […]

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