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5 crafts for idle hands

    These past few weeks have been, and continue to be the biggest life roller coaster any of us have known. Sure there have been times of anxiety, times of bewilderment, disbelief and tears, but there have also been times of positivity, of time to stop the hectic 24/7 roundabout we've all been on for such a  long while. I'd like to add at this point that I personally have struggled a lot with the change in routine, but I'm ever determined to find some positives and for me that comes in the form of rediscovering long forgotten crafts that I used to love but have fallen by the wayside. So today I'm picking up my keyboard and sharing these with you! These are perfect low cost crafts or craft kits that are avaialbe during lock-down and I'm encouraging you to give them a try. Disclaimer: None of these recommendations contain any sort of affiliate links. I'm sharing them with you today because they are things I enjoy       I logged onto IGTV this week and showed you how to make your own...

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10 Facts about the Florist Behind the Blooms

  Hey there! I’ve had so many new followers over the past few weeks (thank you all, feeling grateful that you want to join me in this floral world) so I thought why not hop over to the blog and write 10 more facts about the woman behind the blooms – me of course! Flowers are a huge part of my life, but there are a few other things I get up to, and some personal quirks that I thought you’d love to know about me. If you missed my 10 fun facts a few years ago, you can check it out here.   Selfish sewing is my chill out time When you get to be a creative as a job, it’s actually really hard to switch off. When you get home you still want to create and it can be difficult to distinguish between work creativity and home creativity. I’ve been sewing since I was young, but the past few years it’s been so helpful to give my mind a break from the flowers! You may be asking what a selfish sewer...

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