How to Arrange Flowers – the Thought Behind the Blooms

There is one thing I am super passionate about and its sharing my knowledge and my love of flowers, so over the next few weeks I’m going to be running a series of in depth floral principals I always think about before I grab my stems. If you want to up your floristry game, you’re definitely going to want to tune in each Wednesday to get my pro tips.


When you are arranging flowers there is a certain floral harmony that hits that visual sweet spot and today I’m going to let you in on the secret! It’s all about balance. I’m not about to lay down a whole pile of floristry rules, because lets face it, rules and nature don’t feel like they go hand in hand. But there are a few rules you should be thinking about that will elevate your floral game. I’ve cherry picked the best to share with you over the next few weeks.

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January – Journal

reading florist Green Parlour florist reading spring wedding flowers ranunculus reading florist Green Parlour

The frost is in the air and as long as there are blue skies I’m happy. I sit and write this whilst trying to cajole the little guy to bed. My efforts, are however, wasted, and secretly I’m quite happy sitting by the fire just that little longer.

January. The month of fresh starts, resolutions, hunkering down and comfort food. On tonight’s menu, pie – not the homemade version because today I’ve been flouncing around doing my flowery thing. January gets a bad rep for flowers, but I have to admit its one of my favourite times. The clear down after the decorations have gone leads to endless places to decorate with Spring bulbs and flowers. Little jars scattered on windowsills where once a garland or two sat. All those deep, rich colours swapped for fresh whites, a scattering of powder blue and pink.

The shop has been filled, re-stocked (just like my energy levels after our Christmas break) and is now a homage to spring. Ranunculus grace the flower stand, along with scented lilac, spring hyacinths and blush spray roses. Really you should come in for a sniff.

I’m busy behind the scenes, there’s a lot on the cards which is all very exciting and all will be unveiled in due course.


Autumn Flowers

upper secret roses

I’m fickle, flitting from one love of the season to the next. But there is something about autumn – crisp air, moody colours and the richness of berries. It really is food for the soul. As soon as September hits I’m ready. I want the wooly jumpers, the log fires and a house full of rich colourful flowers

If I were to marry again I’d have to book an autumn wedding – the textures and colours are just so phenomenal and always blow me away. Its not about the flouncy rose in October – its all about a whole host of foliages, seed heads and rich jewel like colour. I’d carry a bouquet filled with snowberry and rosehips and the last few snips of my scented geranium leaves. It would be sublime and smelly (in a fantastically earthy way) So here’s to the changing season and to a peep at what we have arriving in the shop

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Christmas is Coming …

Christmas flowers red rose wreathIts been such a fantastically crazy week at the Parlour – Christmas is well under way, the dried fruits are out, the pine cones have been gathered (and scattered in various boxes) and we’re busy designing wreaths and table centres to adorn many a Berkshire table over the festive period. I have to say this time of year really catches my attention, the colours are amazing, the excitement as Christmas approaches and I know its not everyone’s favourite, but I love the change in weather (especially when the sky is that amazing crisp blue that you only get in autumn)

Partly why I’m so excited about this Christmas season is I always feel totally inspired – I love the other seasons, but somehow the homemaking vibes of Christmas suddenly jolt into another gear and I want to create, make, grow, bake … anything to make sure our home is the most welcoming place.  We work some ridiculously long hours all through December and taking a little time out to recharge not only the physical batteries but also the creatives is a must. Often I don my trainers and run and just that step away from the normal life rut is enough to get me thinking. I’m looking around constantly when I run thinking “how can I use that leaf, WOAH that colour would look awesome, hey we haven’t tried that yet” I can feel all of my senses joining forces and I’m falling back in love with the amazing things nature can do. I literally feel I can do anything right now and that’s all down to taking some inspiration and ME time.

Every year I always have a favourite wreath and I have to admint for the past 3 years our door has been donning a whole adornment of festive foliage on a moss base. We always used to use a floral foam base, but I find the moss just lasts so much longer and carries on looking just that little more fabulous. This year I’m wiring air plants, succulents and birch to create a living wreath feel – I’m so excited to show you, this will be hitting the blog very soon!

christmas flowers reading florist

There are tons of ways you can add a little festive feel to your home – one of the main things at this time of year is using some gorgeous foliage. More is always more, the more textures, colours, shapes you can cram into your arrangement the better. This week we sent out 4 bouquets of just foliage and a hint of crab apple, its something I’m going to recreate for our festive table this year.

With over 20kg of pine cones to wire, I should really get back to working hard. Hopefully I’ll have time to send through some more pictures of our latest exploits over the coming weeks and perhaps a few DIY tutorials to get your home “Christmas ready”




Cliveden House Wedding Filled with Peonies

wreath table centre flowers Cliveden House


As peony season draws to a swift close and we prepare to wave a sad goodbye to our favourite June flower I thought it was the perfect time to share these images of Emily and Jay’s big day at Cliveden House wedding venue. Emily was the most gorgeous bride and with peonies featuring heavily in her brief, I knew from the start it was going to look pretty wow.

Emily and Jay tied the knot at the end of June in true style at the wonderful Cliveden House wedding venue. Beautiful sweeping grounds greeted their guests with an entrance to die for and the most delightful ceremony and reception room. I’ve visited many times growing up, but providing wedding flowers here was truly magical.

Emily held a bouquet of Sarah Bernhardt peonies complimented with a subtle hint of eucalytpus. Perfectly simple and stunningly elegant.

Cliveden House wedding flowers

The tables were to look a little more elaborate. We talked about full floral wreaths with white and pink peonies stealing the show. The French Dining room hosted both the ceremony and wedding breakfast – with guilt detailing throughout we needed some shimmer in the flowers … queue my favourite mercury hurricane lanterns. When lit these beauties give off the most amazing golden glow. Sometimes plain glass just doesn’t cut the mustard … these gave off the most magical glow!

peony wedding flowers Cliveden House peony wedding flowers Cliveden

The fireplace was decorated with small posies of white and pink peonies in miniature mercury hurricane lanterns. These perfect posies were then moved to the top table for extra decoration. We added tea light holders for that extra candle sparkle.

wedding flowers Cliveden House

So its with a heavy heart we wave goodbye to peonies. So long until next year … you’ve been amazing, we’ve had a blast x