10 Facts about the Florist Behind the Blooms


Hey there! I’ve had so many new followers over the past few weeks (thank you all, feeling grateful that you want to join me in this floral world) so I thought why not hop over to the blog and write 10 more facts about the woman behind the blooms – me of course! Flowers are a huge part of my life, but there are a few other things I get up to, and some personal quirks that I thought you’d love to know about me. If you missed my 10 fun facts a few years ago, you can check it out here.


Selfish sewing is my chill out time

When you get to be a creative as a job, it’s actually really hard to switch off. When you get home you still want to create and it can be difficult to distinguish between work creativity and home creativity. I’ve been sewing since I was young, but the past few years it’s been so helpful to give my mind a break from the flowers! You may be asking what a selfish sewer is, and in truth I get no enjoyment sewing for others. I’ve tried! So everything I sew is for me, and me alone. There is nothing better than wearing something you’ve whipped together and getting a ton of compliments on it. Hello ego boost!


I still own a lot of cassettes

Any ideas what I should do with them all? I can’t bear to get rid of them.


My bucket list

Extends by the day. We live in an amazing world with endless possibilities. I’ve come to the conclusion that all the things on my list may not be possible. Professional pool shark, astronaut, ventriloquist … A girls got to dream big though right?!


I was a natural trampolinist

I used to do all kinds of sports on a weekend before I got ill – synchronized swimming, horse riding, ice skating, ballet, tap, modern AND trampolining. I started to compete in trampolining, and was branded a natural. Perhaps I missed my vocation in life.


I love cameras

Not appearing in front of them, but I love collecting cameras. I hark back to the days of film, but my Olympus Pen-F with its retro styling is bridging the gap between film and digital.


I didn't watch Dirty Dancing until I was 32

I’ve no idea why I didn’t watch it earlier


I've run a marathon

This was such a big deal for me! When I was younger I was very seriously ill. Bed bound, wheelchair bound ill. There were times when I could hear my brother playing outside and I vividly remember thinking that I’d never get to do that. My parents put there all into finding a way to make me better, for which I am forever grateful. I completed my 26.2 miles in 2016, I wasn’t fast, and I certainly didn’t look pretty, but my mantra the whole way round was “ I couldn’t walk, but watch me run” I raised £1000 for Action for M.E. who support people like me who have M.E.


I can't bake cakes

I’ve tried, and tried and tried a few more times. I upgraded my mixer, I even upgraded the oven, but sometimes you’ve just got to face the facts. I AM NOT A BAKER.


I LOVE fancy dress

Swans, Cars, Earths, Historical Sites … all lovingly modeled into cardboard structures to wear. I’ sure if you did some Facebook digging, you could unearth a few of these creations on my personal page.


My top 3 biscuits...

Custard creams, rich tea, pink wafers. I’m ready for the abuse…




I would so love to hear some fun facts about yourself - head over to the Facebook page and PM me something cool about yourself

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