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Oh Anything Lovely… Something to Cheer Her Up!

Cheering people up with bouquets of beautiful flowers is something we seem to be doing a lot of this week but we’re not complaining! This cold snap makes the mildness of last weekend seem like a bit of a tease and its seems I’m not the only one in Pangbourne who is feeling a little under the weather!

A part of my job that I really enjoy is hearing about the person that we’ll be delivering to. Whether its an ‘I love you’ bouquet, a ‘welcome to the world’ bouquet, a bouquet being sent to someone who has just lost a loved one or my favorite – the ‘just because’ bouquet. Sometimes they say ‘I know these are her favourite’, or ‘Those colour tones would be perfect in her kitchen’ but this week its been ‘Oh, anything lovely… something to cheer her up!’ and that in itself makes me smile. That way I get to indulge and its a win-win; I get cheered up by making something to cheer someone else up!

My ideal ‘just because bouquet’ would definately have some zesty greens in it-perhaps some lovely Guelder Rose {Viburnum Opulus} and an array of spring flowers, bright ones at that! It must seem that we go on and on about spring flowers but they really are special. They are natures way of letting us know that new things are coming and it might be cold and frosty on the outside, underground the bulbs are working hard and soon those brave and optimistic Daffodils will come up and put a smile on everyone’s face!

Of course flowers are not the only way to show someone that you care, it can be little things. A hand written note popped through the door, a lovely plant. Last week whilst donning my coat to brave the cold and go home for the day I found some chocolate treats that one of the lovely girls here had snaffled into my pocket without me noticing! I was touched and it was lovely!

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In the Shop Today

Stealing ten minutes with a coffee – a much needed aid to post-Valentine’s Day recovery, and I thought I’d share a little snap shot to remind us what lies ahead… yes I mean Summer! I know, we’ve Spring to come in between but I’m an optimist!

In the midst of the busy-ness that engulfs Green Parlour on v-day as we refer to it ‘in the trade’ we had some pretty Pinks dotted throughout the shop lodged in these lovely zinc containers. I love them and just looking at them makes me happy!

Updating the chalk boards is on our ‘to do’ list today! Valentine’s is so last season, it’s Mother’s Day next don’t you know! Peeping it’s head around the corner – Mothering Sunday falls on the 10th March this year- three weeks away tomorrow! Ahh… where does the time go!

As a treat for all my hard work this week, tomorrow I will assign the day to be spent in garden. There’s nothing quite like the first day you spend in the garden. It looked positively pretty in the snow until it melted! And I feel quite inspired with all our new ‘Burgeon and Ball’ goodies we had delivered in to the shop, I might even buy myself some new Gardening Gloves for the occasion. …Something about a new broom sweeping clean – does that translate into new gloves – greener fingers?? I do hope so!

Some little thoughts

In the Shop Today …

A welcome break from dust and decorating, spring has well and truly sprung in the shop with some of my favourite plants and flowers filling draws, shelves and all spare space. I just wish my home and garden looked full of promise!

Possibly my favourite spring bulb of all time, Muscari.

I think they are the perfect way to brighten someone’s day

They also smell like sweets.

Hellebore heaven …

I am super dizzy with excitement! We just got a huge delivery of the most knock-out hellebore plants and cut stems. Its making me want to create some jam jar arrangements with some scented jasmine foliage for an extra dash of loveliness.

I’ve wallowed in winter enough. To celebrate (slightly prematurely) the start of spring the girls are busy bee’s re-vamping our windows with botanical drawing inspiration.


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Hello, I Am a Fern Addict

Hello my name is Emma and I’m addicted to ferns.

Is there a proper word for this? There are proper words for other types of addictions. Mine is equally unhealthy, I have over indulged.

Maidenhair, Boston you name it we have it.

They are starting to gather names, like Miranda, Fenella and Percy.

I have taken to wearing ferns in my hair, a sort of homage to Julius Caesar with a few delphinium flowers for a more feminine touch. I think this should be part of my regular wardrobe, sort of a Green Parlour uniform.

Today we have mainly been thinking about cakes, lots and lots of cakes. I have vowed to whip out my whisk and produce something spectacular. Marzipan carrots are sounding like a suitable decoration to a three tiered carrot cake. Over the top doesn’t even cover it.

Recipe suggestions are welcome.

Note to self: must buy more hessian.