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Street Party Buttonholes ...

Posted by 
Emma Sampson

... for a right Royal knees up

Cakes baked, champagne chilled, trestle tables dusted ... check ... check ... check ...

Sit down with a gin and tonic and prepare for your fancy spruce-up-any-outfit and fit-for-a-Princess street party buttonhole DIY tutorial

What you need:

  • some beautiful blooms - we went all out with scented roses
  • gather some gorgeous greenery from the garden - rosemary, mint and ivy will all look stunning
  • a sharp pair of scissors
  • some string
  • have a rummage for some scraps of ribbon

We're going to show you how to make real buttonholes, forget all of that fiddly wiring nonsense, these are the way buttonholes should be.

First things first, pick out your favourite greenery from your garden - I've chosen mint and rosemary for their heady scent. Place your garden finds flat upon a table and lay your chosen flowers on top. I love large buttonholes so the more flowers and greenery the merrier. Remember when the buttonholes are pinned on your rather Royal Wedding outfit they will be flat at the back so its a good idea to lay your  flowers and greenery at different levels.

Tie your buttonhole arrangement at the top using some thin string. Take care not to tie it too tightly, just enough so everything stays where it is.

Cut the left over string using your sharp scissors and cut the end of your almost there buttonhole.

Pick out some rather fancy ribbons to match or clash with your buttonhole and wrap them around to cover your string and tie in a bow. Find a fancy pin and place into a little cup of water until your ready for your public.

Raise a glass to the Bride and Groom

Hello! I’m Emma – the floral obsessed boss behind the blooms at Green Parlour. I’m a house plant obsessed wife and mother of 2, who has big dreams of creating a crafty homespun life. I love sewing, planting seeds and doing pretty much anything creative.

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