Images from top left 1. Rachelle Simoneau 2. Rachel Peters Photography 3&4. images by Heather Bliss Photography flowers by Calie Rose 5. Lisa Dolan Photography 6. Ouma via Etsy 7. Taylor Lord Photography

Trend alert! If your planning your wedding over the next few months you’d be mad not to consider peach and gold as your colour theme. It is going to be 2014’s biggest wedding trend, with glitzy cakes, lots of sequins and beautiful blown English grown roses.

For me gold and peach is a more grown up version of the vintage vibe thats been growing in popularity and shows no signs of stopping. Golds bring a touch of classic 1940’s Hollywood glamour to the occasion and peach has had a refresh too, forget 1980’s blancmange tones, were taking soft nudes, deeper oranges and cerise pink tones.

You don’t have to go all out and wear a gold sequinned wedding dress (although this is a look I’m totally thinking about for my wedding!) you can achieve the look subtly. Add some gold to your cake, or one of my favourite ways to achieve subtle colour is by tying your flowers with beautiful ribbons. This is expertly demonstrated in images 3 and 4 above by Calie Rose. Such a simple idea, and with gorgeous trailing gold ribbons your flowers have beautiful movement. In my experience men try to avoid the glitz and glam, but I love the buttonhole detailing in image 4, its subtle enough so you don’t have to worry about the Christmas cracker look.

Have you fallen for peach and gold as much as we have?

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