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Colour your own virtual bunch of flowers

Posted by 
Emma Sampson
April 4, 2020


How are you all coping? Half the time I'm not even sure what day we are on, and I suppose it doesn't really matter. After a little emotional stumble in the week I remembered that Saturday is my work day. I've been counting down the hours until I get to sit at my 'new work desk' in our house. Okay the work doesn't look like it used to - its not snipping stems, or arranging flowers, but its some time to spend on my business every week.

One of the things I've missed most is arranging my flowers. I probably didn't appreciate at the time just how much joy this skill has brought me. We don't have much in our garden at this time of year but I will be hosting a Easter Wreath Tutorial next week. In the meantime I thought I'd pick up another passion of mine - drawing. It's a skill that has been much neglected over the years but in these  (queue Covid-19 catchword) strange and uncertain times its a quick easy medium I've been reaching for. I thought this week instead of my usual virtual bunch of flowers to you, that you might like a bunch of anemones you can colour in yourself. It has tied in nicely for me to learn how to create some digital art (although very primitive) a skill I've been meaning to spend some time on for about 8 years.

You can download a PDF version of the artwork here: ANEMONE

If you decide to either colour on a digital device, or perhaps get your hands dirty and reach for the watercolours I'd love to see your images, so please email them to me emma@greenparlour.com

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