The windflower.

Possibly the love of my life in the flower world.

I could gush for hours about how much I love anemones. I promise I’ll keep it short. For me, they signal the true sign of spring and a hopeful end to cold winter weather. How can one not fall completely head over heals in love with their dainty heads and delicate unfurling petals.

Coming from the Greek word for “windflower” the anemone is rumoured to have sprung from Aphrodite’s tears as she mourned the death of Adonis.

They are said to bring luck and protect against evil. Throughout mythology anemones are linked to fairies, which are said to sleep under the petals, after the flower closed at sunset. The modern interpretation is linked to anticipation.

Anticipation that warmer weather is coming.

I love them arranged in single stem vases. I have an ever-expanding selection of gold and silver numbers that are slowly cluttering up our mantelpiece. These vases are my favourite. Beautifully simple, elegant and they use up all the off cuts, snapped stems and I know summer is a little way off but what better way to display sweet peas.

A new delivery of aged zinc containers has arrived in store.

I just had to jump in and arrange this table centre for an impromptu dinner party. A table isn’t complete without flowers right?

People expect my house to resemble a greenhouse, filled to the brim with fresh flowers – I don’t want to break the spell but instead my kitchen windowsill is littered with old, dried roses. I know they are dead but I love the beauty of them, they look like an oil painting.

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