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DIY Summer Flower Crown Tutorial

  Summer to me is always a celebratory time of year. We’re done hibernating and want to get out there and socialise. BBQ’s, weddings, festivals …dancing! I hope I’m setting the scene! Come rain or shine, summer is about channelling your inner hippy – colour, loose clothes AND, in my humblest opinion, flowers in your hair! Our DIY Summer Flower Crown Tutorial will have you reaching for the scissors and whipping one of these beauties up in no time at all – perfect if you're about to slip out to a festival, informal gathering or wedding!     Step one The tools of the trade The great news is you don’t need loads of floristry gubbins to make your crown: •    some sharp snips •    some wire (floristry or garden wire will do the job) •    around 1m of decorative ribbon •    some floristry tape, which you can easily get hold of at most florist shops or craft stores such as Hobby craft       Step two Choose your flowers This is where the fun really kicks in – this is your crown and you can customise it however you like – go bold or...

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Friday Treats … Floral Crown DIY Tutorial

Every girl loves a crown. Flower crowns are the must have accessory of 2013. Don't just wear them to weddings, slip one on whilst popping out for your weekly shop, glam up any evening dress with this floral DIY post. Invest in a good pair of scissors. We always use these yellow handled beauties - perfect for cutting stems and wires alike. We've suggested using 3 different wires. One thicker wire which you will wrap around your head to get the correct measurements and 2 different wires for your flowers. Parafilm will become your new best friend - pop it down your top until you are ready to use it. This will get it nice and warm, making it super flexible and stopping it from snapping every time you pull it tight. There are loads of different ways you can make a floral crown. In this DIY tutorial we will show you the method where you will bind the flowers onto a metal hair band. Its a little less fiddly than the other methods, and is also a lot quicker allowing you to...

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