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DIY Summer Flower Crown Tutorial

DIY flower crown tutorial


Summer to me is always a celebratory time of year. We’re done hibernating and want to get out there and socialise. BBQ’s, weddings, festivals …dancing! I hope I’m setting the scene! Come rain or shine, summer is about channelling your inner hippy – colour, loose clothes AND, in my humblest opinion, flowers in your hair!

Our DIY Summer Flower Crown Tutorial will have you reaching for the scissors and whipping one of these beauties up in no time at all – perfect if you’re about to slip out to a festival, informal gathering or wedding!


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Step one

The tools of the trade

The great news is you don’t need loads of floristry gubbins to make your crown:
•    some sharp snips
•    some wire (floristry or garden wire will do the job)
•    around 1m of decorative ribbon
•    some floristry tape, which you can easily get hold of at most florist shops or craft stores such as Hobby craft





Step two

Choose your flowers

This is where the fun really kicks in – this is your crown and you can customise it however you like – go bold or go home, stick with more of a pastel affair … the choice really is yours!

For our crown we used:

•    1 hydrangea head
•    5 stems of  Blanchette spray roses
•    6 scabiosa heads
•    4 stems of alchemilla mollis
•    4 stems of bronze fern





Step three

Shape the base of your crown

All you need to do is place the wire on your head and bend it into shape. It doesn’t have to go all the way around, in-fact I personally prefer it if there is a break because I love adorning with decorative ribbon. It also feels a little bit more informal.

Bend two loops at the base of the crown – this is where eventually your decorative ribbon thread through.

Secure all sharp ends with floristry tape.








Step four

Wire your flowers

You want to keep your crown lightweight otherwise you’ll be taking off your handiwork before everyone’s had a chance to comment on how super you look. To get this lightweight feel we need to wire the flowers. Effectively were make a flexible stem that is thinner and more malleable than the actual stem. The first few times you wire it may feel a little fiddly, but you’ll be wiring like a pro in no time!

•    Cut your flower head reasonably near the base of the flower.
•    Bend a small piece of wire into an ‘n’ shape, with one end of the ‘n’ longer than the other.
•    Hold the wire against the flower stem and gently wind the longer piece of wire around the flower-head and the shorter wire.
•    Stretch out your flower tape and wind around the flower and the wire.
•    Repeat for all flowers!







Step five

Assembling your crown

You want to start gathering small bunches of flowers together and holding them against your wire base. You want to start right by one off the loops, with your flowers pointing towards them.  Hold the flowers onto the base and tape them on using your floristry wire.

Repeat, layering each group of flowers on top of each other.

Note: I tend to leave around a 3cm gap between each group of flowers, to stop the crown getting over-full!





Step six

Tie the ribbon

Simply thread your ribbon through the loops to make your band adjustable and give a quick mist with water! VOILA! Your hairpiece is ready to wear!





Step seven

VOILA! Your DIY Summer Flower Crown is ready to wear and should stand up to the most vigorous of dancing!

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Friday Treats … Floral Crown DIY Tutorial

Every girl loves a crown. Flower crowns are the must have accessory of 2013. Don’t just wear them to weddings, slip one on whilst popping out for your weekly shop, glam up any evening dress with this floral DIY post.

Invest in a good pair of scissors. We always use these yellow handled beauties – perfect for cutting stems and wires alike.

We’ve suggested using 3 different wires. One thicker wire which you will wrap around your head to get the correct measurements and 2 different wires for your flowers.

Parafilm will become your new best friend – pop it down your top until you are ready to use it. This will get it nice and warm, making it super flexible and stopping it from snapping every time you pull it tight.

There are loads of different ways you can make a floral crown. In this DIY tutorial we will show you the method where you will bind the flowers onto a metal hair band. Its a little less fiddly than the other methods, and is also a lot quicker allowing you to knock up a floral crown 10 minutes before your guests arrive.

So first off get a long length of your thicker wire and wrap it around your head where you would like your finished crown to fit. At the ends you want to make some loops which you can use to pin the crown to your head for some added security. I like to tie ribbons into these loops too for a little detailing at the back of my head.

Wiring the flowers! This is where the fun starts…

We’ve chosen to use lots of different flowers in our crown including; carnations, waxflower, calendula, mini daisies and little spray roses. You can pretty much use anything, although some things may wilt a little quicker than others.

For most stems the wiring methods shown in the above diagrams will see you through. For thicker stems where you can pierce the wire through the base of the flower (carnations, roses etc) I would suggest using fig. 1 – 3. If you’ve got a thinner stem like waxflower or the mini daisies you want to create a little U shape and wrap the wire against itself see fig. 4-6 for our how to.

After you’ve neatly wired each flower you want to cover the stems in the parafilm. Pull it tight, almost to breaking point and twizzle your stem or wire to wrap it around.

Start wrapping you parafilmed wires around your wire headband. Layer each flower overlapping the next. I love a statement piece … go big or go home!

One floral crown ready and raring to go!

Send us a snap of your floral crown outings … pretty please!