Our top 10 summer flowers – the floral equivalent to our summer soundtrack at Green Parlour.

We are completely spoilt at this time of year, so many gorgeous blooms available and so many delicious varieties. Although my heart lies in Spring, I have to admit my heart flutters slightly when I start to think about vases filled with delphiniums, the scent of flowering mint!

Each of the above flowers has a special place in my heart. I know there are a few marmite flowers on there, dahlias in particular seem to have a bad rep, but I cant understand how people don’t fall for them in all there multicoloured glory. I’ll have them over sunflowers any day of the week.

Scabious and later on in the season their gorgeous seed pod heads, are perfect for a summer wedding with a country vibe. Fill a jug with seeded grass and scabiosa for a lovely addition to your table.

Hydrangeas with their brash bold heads work perfectly in a vase on their own. I may even go as far to say that they are my favourite flower of all time. A bold statement from a florist!

A vase filled with some more of our favourite summer flowers including astrantia, nigella, lemon balm, veronica, scabiosa seed pod heads and Memory Lane roses.

I love the simplicity of the glass cylinder vase, perfect for a pretty hand tied arrangement of flowers. Everyone gets worried about arranging in vases, we can arrange a bouquet in any vase you have lying about the house. Pop one into the shop for some expert advise on what would bring your vase to life.

Whats your favourite summer flower?



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