Inspirational Christmas Wreaths

Inspirational Christmas Wreaths for your door

Christmas is in the air and it's the time of the year where my order books are filled with Christmas Wreaths. From XL jaw dropping Christmas Wreaths through to those laden with fruits, there is nothing like a beautiful door wreath to decorate your Christmas doorway.

Christmas Wreath Inspiration

With the tradition of decorating your home with evergreens taking hold in the 16th century, the Christmas Wreath soon followed. Trees were cut, pruned and manicured into a triangular shape to represent the Trinity. The offcuts of these trees were wound into circlets, symbolising eternity. There are many references to Wreaths throughout history - from ancient Greece through to Christianity and our modern interpretations about what a Christmas Wreath means to us. For me it is a sign of the welcoming of winter, of embracing our need to hunker-down during the cold winter days. I think a wreath says so much about your personality. Whether laden with fruits, cinnamon sticks and berries, or filled with feathers and cones. Each one has its own personality and reflects the owner and the door to which it decorates.

After a long day, walking up to my door to my Christmas door wreath really lifts my spirits, it's such a treat to see it hanging there - a glimmer of colour on those cold winter days.

Ready to embrace the Christmas season? You can see more Inspirational Christmas Wreaths on my Pinterest Account Here

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