Today is the 1st February and hopefully that means spring is around the corner. The shop is filled with Ranunculus, scented Hyacinths and Anemones – I literally love them all and have treated myself to an old biscuit tin filled with all sorts of lovely flowers and viburnum.

Don’t even get me started on how much I adore Helleborus.

I have also being dreaming of an Auricula theatre, possibly inspired by my Emma Bridgewater mug…

Our bellies are full of Nigella Lawson’s chocolate and orange loaf and all is well with the world.

One thought on “Tuesday 1st Feburary … We Are Looking Forward to Spring

  1. Wow! Love the pictures!

    And I’m very pleased to hear that spring is on the way!

    However, I’d like to know where my slice of cake is…

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