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Flower crowns

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

What do you get when you leave three florists with a bucket of leftover flowers…. dress up time of course! It was flower crown central on Monday afternoon in the shop much to the surprise of our visiting customers – i think secretly they all wanted to join in!

With a few wayward stems left over from Mother’s Day we totally and unashamedly indulged our creative sides. It was such a pleasure to just go wild. Flower crowns are all over pinterest and instagram right now and it was the perfect excuse to do some in-house training with our lovely trainee Brittany, developing her own ideas and core floristry skills such as wiring and taping.

tropical head dress flower crowntropical flower head dress

Perhaps daydreaming of warmer climes, I went for a somewhat tropical design. Vibrant apricot toned Tulips, a soft marshmallow pink blousey statement Rose and a helping of cerise Rose buds for good measure went into my asymmetric number, finished of course with neon green ribbon! All I needed to complete the look was a grass skirt and a pina colada!

woodland flower crown woodland flower crown berkshire

Emma’s design had much more of a refined and vintage air. With textures of Sweet Williams, threaded Hyacinth pips and cloudy Gypsophila, not forgetting the beautiful open Anemones. I think her headdress was very elegant and wouldn’t have looked at all out of place on set in a 1920′s film.

flower crown Berkshire tonal flower crown

And last but definitely not least – what a stunning piece from Brittany! And a first attempt to boot! She was inspired by the electric blue Delphiniums running through her crown. The Anastacia bloom is used like a living pompom with romantic swirly Lisianthus and Rose buds clustered above  – I think it looks great and she wears it so well!

Donning our floral masterpieces I think we were all pretty chuffed with the results and a mini photo shoot ensued. Well it would have been rude not to!

I wonder what next weeks leftover blooms will bring….

These are a few of our favourite pins – a weekly roundup

Sunday, January 19th, 2014


Green Parlour wedding flowers
Images courtesy of Pinterest


Getting married? Flower crowns are my must have for 2014. Boho meets vintage meets garden meets etherial. Go large using peonies, roses and dahlias or create a dainty woodland vibe with nigella, gypsophilia and clematis buds.


Our super talented wedding team would love to create you your own bespoke floral crown for your big day, or if you fancy a little bit of DIY take a look at our tutorial here: floral crown tutorial


We’d love to hear what your planning for your hair flowers! Let us know your must have trends below

These are a few of our favourite pins – a weekly roundup

Saturday, August 10th, 2013
Images courtesy of Pinterest

We are a little addicted to craft at Green Parlour and Pinterest is full of gorgeous crafty ideas to get your teeth into. Here are a few of our favourite pins from our Pinterest adventures this week …


Image courtesy of four square walls you must check the site out

I stumbled upon this amazing Runaway Coffee Date dress pattern when it was re-pinned by Tilly (from Great British Sewing Bee fame) who runs Tilly and the buttons and of course I clicked right onto Four Square Walls to see where I could get such an ace pattern from. I should have known Etsy would be involved! If your after some unique patterns Pattern Runway do some lovely bits and pieces, well worth a look if your longing for some dress making time.


Image courtesy of Beyond Beyond

String, wool and some cleverly placed nails. Now all I have to do is convince the other half that this gorgeous DIY idea HAS TO grace to walls in our little abode. Such a simple idea, now to choose a word…


Check out some more of our favourite pins here or come and look at all our boards by following us on Pinterest

Friday treats … floral crown DIY tutorial

Friday, May 31st, 2013


Every girl loves a crown. Flower crowns are the must have accessory of 2013. Don’t just wear them to weddings, slip one on whilst popping out for your weekly shop, glam up any evening dress with this floral DIY post.



Invest in a good pair of scissors. We always use these yellow handled beauties – perfect for cutting stems and wires alike.

We’ve suggested using 3 different wires. One thicker wire which you will wrap around your head to get the correct measurements and 2 different wires for your flowers.

Parafilm will become your new best friend – pop it down your top until you are ready to use it. This will get it nice and warm, making it super flexible and stopping it from snapping every time you pull it tight.



There are loads of different ways you can make a floral crown. In this DIY tutorial we will show you the method where you will bind the flowers onto a metal hair band. Its a little less fiddly than the other methods, and is also a lot quicker allowing you to knock up a floral crown 10 minutes before your guests arrive.


So first off get a long length of your thicker wire and wrap it around your head where you would like your finished crown to fit. At the ends you want to make some loops which you can use to pin the crown to your head for some added security. I like to tie ribbons into these loops too for a little detailing at the back of my head.


Wiring the flowers! This is where the fun starts…

We’ve chosen to use lots of different flowers in our crown including; carnations, waxflower, calendula, mini daisies and little spray roses. You can pretty much use anything, although some things may wilt a little quicker than others.

For most stems the wiring methods shown in the above diagrams will see you through. For thicker stems where you can pierce the wire through the base of the flower (carnations, roses etc) I would suggest using fig. 1 – 3. If you’ve got a thinner stem like waxflower or the mini daisies you want to create a little U shape and wrap the wire against itself see fig. 4-6 for our how to.

After you’ve neatly wired each flower you want to cover the stems in the parafilm. Pull it tight, almost to breaking point and twizzle your stem or wire to wrap it around.



Start wrapping you parafilmed wires around your wire headband. Layer each flower overlapping the next. I love a statement piece … go big or go home!



One floral crown ready and raring to go!



Send us a snap of your floral crown outings … pretty please!

In the shop today – Spring flowers

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Always so cheery- spring flowers rarely fail to make me smile. With Valentines days seeming like a distant memory- who needs Roses when you’ve Ranunculus and Tulips!

There’s nothing I love more than Ranunculus! (other half, parents and siblings aside)



Note to self- I must try and grow these beauties! I heard said the other day that the Ranunculus is one of the few flowers that gets better by the day until it falls apart! I love love love them! Their layers and layers of papery thin vibrant petals and quite reminiscent of Peonies which are yet a distant summer dream!

I sent my boyfriend flowers once – a Kilner jar full of bright yellow Ranunculus (to match his car) and I remember careful attaching a cardboard tag with some gardening string and in black marker pen scrawling ‘incredibly thirsty! top me up with water every day but don’t put me in the pond!’. The latter a nod to his not so ideal approach to disguarding dead flowers! Also known as  a Persian Buttercup- I was sweetly amused to discover that the gift had prompted much research on the subject.

I love the quirks that the individual flowers present- as mentioned above, Ranunculus can happily drink their way through a vase of water. Tulips – to use the scientific terminology have a ‘positive photo-tropism’ in simple terms they grow towards the light and in fact they continue to grow despite being a cut stem. I love to watch them creep up through a bouquet after several days, as if they are vying for attention!



And such beautiful colours too! We had Tulips in at the weekend which I can only describe as Apricots on stems – not the dried variety that you might find lurking in a Morrocan Tagine but fresh, plump, and inexpressibly beautiful! Its funny actually that as I refer to the invoice to share with you the variety that the actual  name is ‘Mango Charm’. They got the charm bit right- but someone should check out the fruit aisle in their nearest Waitrose because they’re definitely Apricots – not Mango’s!